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Archery at Clyde Arrows Archery Club

When Nicola, a friend from work invited me along to receive some archery coaching at the Clyde Arrows Archery Club in Milngavie (pronounced ‘Mill-Guy’) I jumped at the chance to learn a new sport. The club meet at the privately-owned Milngavie and Bearden Sports Club on Auchinhowie Road in Milngavie.

Travelling to Milngavie by train is easy as the train travels directly there with out changeover stops. The sports club is a short walk from the station and took about 7 minutes.

Simon the Archery Coach

As I was walking down the drive to the club house I saw Nicola, who introduced me to the other archers who were there. Nicola’s husband, Simon, was going to be coaching me and he went through the commands to be obeyed when on the course. A siren sounds once to tell the archers they can fire their arrows and three blasts tells them they can walk to the targets to retrieve their arrows.  

The torrential rain of the previous 24 hours had stopped and had been replaced with bright sunny weather, so the session was held outdoors. 

Equipment for Archery

After being given my bow, arrows, a bag for holding the arrows (called a quiver) and some leather protective gear, I was ready to start learning the basics of archery.

Simon was a very good teacher and went through the basics and also taught me the safety advice. Archery is a sport which can cause injury so safety on the course is very important. 

Recurve bows on stands

The bow I was using is called a recurve bow because of the curves at both ends. The bow sits in a stand when not in use to prevent damage to it. 

Collecting the arrows

I had four arrows to shoot before waiting for the siren to sound to give the all clear to collect them again. 

Archery course


The boy above is a Scottish junior champion

I had a great time learning how to use a bow and look forward to my next lesson.

Further Information:
Clyde Arrows Archery Club


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Scottish Cupcakes!

The votes for Independence have been counted and those against the idea won by a narrow margin. I was hoping for a different result but will have to accept the decision for the moment.

On another note, my cat Tiger has been at the Vet’s every morning this week to get his blood sugar checked. He has been diagnosed with diabetes so I have had to take some days off to take him for treatment.

He’s doing well and since Tuesday I have been administering his insulin injections. His blood sugar is falling and he is gaining weight.
He gets good treatment at
Julie Innes Vets. 


While at the Vet’s I spotted some cakes one of the assistants had made. West Highland Terrier cup cakes. Cheered me up no end as I am very fond of dogs, as well as cats.

West Highland cup cakes

The cup cakes look lovely and too good to eat.


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Eve of Scottish Independence Vote

Tonight I attended a gathering of supporters for the ‘Yes Scotland’ campaign in support of an Independent Scotland. This was the only celebration in the area – the ‘Better Together’ had no events nearby. 

Below are some photographs:











 Whatever the outcome, it is an historic time.  


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Scottish Independence – More Photos

On the way to the vet’s with my cat I saw a crowd of people in the street. Deputy First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon was meeting the people so I stopped and got some photographs of her. 

Deputy First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon
Nicola sturgeon speaking with the BBC’s Brian Taylor
‘Yes Scotland’ supporters.

The voting for Scottish Independence takes place on 18th September.

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Scottish Independence – Campaigning

With the vote only a few days away on 18th September, campaigning on both sides has been stepped up. Campaigners have been engaging with the people to present the facts to them in a logical and professional manner. 

For the benefit of visitors from outside Scotland, it is good to give them an idea of how campaigning is being conducted on the streets of Scotland. 

While in a town centre, I watched the two sides campaigning. The two sides are the ‘Better Together’ campaigning for the Union and the ‘Yes Scotland’ campaign supporting an Independent Scotland.

Below are some images from the campaign.

Better Together

Better Together campaigners

The Better Together campaigners in the streets. The faces are blanked out, as the woman on the right became aggressive at the photograph being taken.

MP’s Jim Murphy and Michael McMahon

The Better Together campaigners had Labour MP’s Jim Murphy and Michael McMahon speaking in favour of retaining the Union.

‘Yes Scotland’ Campaign


The ‘Yes Scotland’ campaigners had a more colourful presence in the street and attracted a lot of attention. The correct blue for the Saltire (Scottish flag) is a sky blue colour (Pantone 300 or #0065BD as hexadecimal web colours) and not the dark blue found on the Union Flag.  

‘Yes’ Campaigner and MP Jimmy Hood

MP Jimmy Hood is the Labour MP for the area. The above picture shows a ‘Yes Scotland’ supporter greeting him.

MSP Christina McKelvie

Member of the Scottish parliament, Christina McKelvie was also present to speak to the voters and pose for photographs with them.

‘Yes’ fire engine

The ‘Yes Scotland’ campaigners have been touring the country with a blue fire engine. 

The outcome will be known after 18th September. 

Further Information

Better Together

Yes Scotland


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Pollok Country Park and Burrell Collection

Today was a beautiful day so a nice cycle round one of Glasgow’s parks was a good way of enjoying the late summer sunshine.

We took the folding bikes on the train to Shawlands and cycled the short distance to Pollok Park. The park has won many awards including the Best Park in Britain in 2007 and Best Park in Europe in 2008.

The park has many attractions including Pollok House and the Burrell Collection. It also has many paths for walking and cycling and some lovely gardens.  

Pollok Park Attractions

We entered the park on the Pollokshaws Road  entrance and passed Polloc Cricket Ground where a match was being played. I am particularly fond of cricket, so we stopped and watched the action for a while. 

Cricket match at Polloc Cricket Club

We then followed the path along the riverbank but it was stop-start because of the number of people on the path. A young girl tripped and fell into some nettles in front of us further along the path and I was able to give her some of my anti-histamine cream to put on the stings. I told her just to keep it as she had been badly stung by the nettles.


We arrived at some gardens which were part of Pollok House. There was a large area with vegetables and next to it  was a flower garden. A scarecrow watched over the vegetable garden.

Scarecrow in Pollok House Garden
Face of scarecrow

The flower garden was lovely and was very popular.

Flower garden in Pollok House
Flower garden in Pollok House

Courtyard and Stables 

The courtyard and stables were also very popular and many people were drawn to the horses.   

Arthur – a Glasgow City Horse

Glasgow City horses win many awards in heavy horse competitions. The horses were very big but they were also very friendly. 

The Courtyard

Pollok House 

This magnificent house is now run by the National Trust for Scotland. It was the ancestral home of the Maxwell family and was built in 1752 and was originally given to the City of Glasgow in 1966 by Dame Anne Maxwell Macdonald before passing to the National Trust for Scotland.  

It was designed by William Adam. It  has a large, private collection of Spanish paintings, including works by El Greco, Francisco Goya and Bartolomé Esteban Murillo.

Pollok House
Weir on River Cart

Burrell Collection  

The Burrell Collection contains over 8,000 objects which were left to the City of Glasgow in 1944 by Sir William Burrell. The exhibits are frequently changed so it is always worth visiting. Sir William Burrell was a  wealthy Scottish shipping merchant and philanthropist, who collected a variety of objects throughout his life.  

The museum was only opened in 1983 as Sir William had stated in his will that the collection had to be in a rural setting and the City had to find a suitable venue for it. The collection is housed in a purpose built building which in mainly constructed from glass.

There is also a tearoom which sells food and drink at very reasonable prices. Entry to the Gallery is free.  

Burrell Collection
Burrell Collection main entrance

While there, I took some interior photographs.  

Burrell Collection interior
Stain Glass exhibits
Interior of the Burrell Collection

 Highland Cattle

On our way back to the train  we saw some Highland Cattle in a field.

Highland Cattle

It had been another enjoyable day out. 

Further Information:

Pollok Country Park

Burrell Collection

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Street Entertainment in Buchanan Street, Glasgow

On Saturday I met up with friends in Glasgow for lunch and a coffee. Afterwards we walked through the city centre shops to see if there was anything we wanted to buy. Buchanan Street in Glasgow has shops which sell the world’s most expensive brands and is always very busy.  

What struck me was the number of street performers and political and religious groups on the street. Below are some of the interesting things I saw.  

Standing on Air

 The man above appeared to be standing on air. There was another one on Argyle Street which we saw when walking to the station for the train home.  


 The man above was making a lot of noise!

Another band near the top of the street. They were very good and worth some money.


The man on the tightrope playing the fiddle is usually found in Edinburgh at the Festival. As it is drawing to a close soon, he was probably trying to get a new audience in Glasgow before going to another city. 

This man makes things from balloons such as cartoon characters and animals. His balloon shapes are very good and he sells a lot of them.  
A street artist was drawing sketches of visitors to the city. 

The ‘Yes’ campaigners for Scottish Independence were out in force and some of them came on this funny bicycle. The vote for Scottish Independence in on September 18th.

It was all happening on Buchanan Street.

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