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After the Rain – Signs of Spring

After the heavy rain and floods in December, the weather has been much drier and very mild for this time of the year.

I took a reading with my digital thermometer at 15.35 and the temperature was 46.4F or 8C. This is very mild and it was so warm that I could get away with wearing a thin jacket with 40grams Primaloft insulation. Normally I would not wear this until late March to late September. I did not need to wear gloves or a hat. 

Temperature at 46.4F

I only understand Fahrenheit temperatures and not Centigrade ones, except that freezing point is 32F. If I have to convert temperatures from Centigrade to Fahrenheit and vice versa in my head, I use the methods below: 

Fahrenheit to Celsius – subtract thirty, then halve

Celsius to Fahrenheit – double, then add thirty 

This gives a fairly accurate result. 

Water Levels 

Around the Christmas period the water on the ponds in South Lanarkshire had flowed over onto adjacent land. Normally this land is not covered by water unless there has been a sustained period of heavy rain.  

Wet ground after flood water has receded

In the photograph above, the floodwater had covered most of the ground up to the tree in the right foreground. It had receded and was ground was back to its usual state.

Flood water has receded

Signs of Spring 

Hazel tree catkins

A Hazel tree caught our eye as we were walking from the bird pond above. The male catkins were well developed and had the creamy/yellow colour which they have in the Spring. The mild weather probably caused them to be so advanced for late January.   

Hazel tree


Most fungi is seen in the Autumn, but there are still some types of fungi visible throughout the year.
Trametes ochracea


Trametes ochracea

Trametes ochracea fungi grows on standing and fallen dead wood of deciduous trees, in particular beeches and oaks. They look nice and colourful.

Spring is almost here

If the weather continues to be so mild, the Snowdrops will soon be visible and then the Daffodils and Tulips will follow.

It is also getting lighter at night and in the mornings and my daily commute to Glasgow and back will soon be in daylight, rather than in darkness.

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Flooded Meadow

The weather here in the West of Scotland has been very wet and windy for the last few weeks now and many areas are flooded. A walk down to the local bird ponds revealed extensive flooding in the area, but fortunately this had not spread to any buildings.


   However, the birds were enjoying it. 


The area has many Roe deer and Badgers and the flooding had pushed the Deer onto the main footpath, rather than remaining within their usual wooded areas. The Badger setts were well away from the flooded areas.

On walking through the flooded area we spotted some badger spraint. The badgers must venture to the ponds for water.

 This lovely scene became ugly when we spotted the remains of a drinking session. Empty fortified wine bottles were scattered about, as well as beer cans and plastic carrier bags. Another clean-up operation will have to be arranged to clear up the mess.

Empty Buckfast bottles


 The flooding was worse than I have seen it, but at least it is not affecting the birds. A wet and windy January is forecast, so the scenes above will be there for a while yet!

At least it is not too cold.


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Strathaven Balloon Festival, 2013

During the last weekend in August the small South Lanarkshire town of Strathaven (pronounced ‘Stray-ven’) hosts Scotland’s only balloon festival. The Festival was introduced in 1999 to boost the economy of this picturesque market town and to encourage visitors to the area.

As usual the event was well supported and the good weather allowed the balloons to fly. On Saturday night there was a ‘Night Glow’ when the burners of the balloons were lit and there was a spectacular display with the balloons ‘dancing’ to music.

Below are some photographs of the event on Saturday.

Putting hot air into a balloon
Testing the Burner
Balloon in Flight
Balloon in Flight
Balloon in Flight
Balloon taking off
Balloon in Flight
Balloon in Flight
Balloon in Flight
Balloon in Flight
Balloons in Flight
Night Glow
Night Glow

More of my photographs can be seen at:

Photographs of Strathaven Balloon Festival 2013

More Information 

Strathaven Balloon Festival 

Strathaven Town 

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