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Testing New Spotting Scope at Baron’s Haugh

Was at Baron’s Haugh in Motherwell testing out my new Viking AV50 Spotting Scope. This is a small scope which is easy to carry but is very good optically.

Viking AV50 Scope

Viking AV50 Scope

The scope will allow me to identify birds which are outwith the range of my 8X42 binoculars.

Today with the scope I was able to identify some Redwing high up on trees on the Larkhall side of the River Clyde. With binoculars, they looked like medium sided dark coloured birds, but with the scope the red patch under the wing could be clearly seen.

On the Haugh I was able to identify some Widgeon in the distance and got some close-up views of the Canada Geese which were swimming on the Haugh.

Flooded Causeway Hide

Flooded Causeway Hide

The water-level was very high due to the snow and rain last week. It was too high for the Lapwing who had moved westwards to Strathclyde Park.

They were spotted on the walk home at the Watersports Centre in the Park, perched on one of the slipways for launching the boats.

Other birds present at Baron’s Haugh were Whooper Swans, Heron, Goosander, Tufted Ducks, Mallards, Black-headed Gulls and about 8 Cormorants, including two immature ones.

Lapwing at Strathclyde Park

Lapwing at Strathclyde Park

The Roe Deer were seen on the footpath around the Haugh as their usual home on one of the ‘islands’  on the Haugh was under water.

My new scope will allow me to see more birds and get more enjoyment from my bird-watching.

It did get favourable comments from the other members of my bird-watching group.

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