Cort-ma Law and Lecket Hill Walk

Went walking in the Campsies today. Started from the small village of Clachan of Campsie which is near Lennoxtown. This is a lovely village which has a cafe and gallery, a bike shop and a cycling boutique.

St Machan’s Church

Before the walk, we stopped at St Machan’s Church (NS 61021 79641) which dates from the 12th century. The church is in ruins now and the graveyard is no longer used for new burials. At the east side of the graveyard is the Lennox family vault, now thickly covered by ivy.

St Machan's Church
St Machan's Church

Spent some time in the churchyard before heading up through Campsie Glen to the car park on the Crow Road.

This is quite a steep climb and is a good warm-up for the next part of the climb to Cort-Ma-Law.

Cort-Ma Law

The path to Cort-Ma Law is well defined and is across the road from the car park. The first part of the climb is quite steep, but it does level out at the top. The weather was dull and cloudy, so we were unable to get some great views of the Arrocher Alps, which was unfortunate.

Clachan of Campsie from Car Park
Clachan of Campsie from Car Park

When we reached the top of the climb, the path became much flatter and, despite the cloud, the views  of Glasgow, Kirkintilloch and Arrocher were good.

There were a number of people out walking today, including young children, and they all looked as if they were having a good time.

View from Cort-Ma Law
View from Cort-Ma Law

As the Campsie Fells are quite flat, there are a few cairns on the path which can be used as navigation aids, especially when visibility can be affected by mist. The first cairn reached was Crichton’s Cairn and this is where the majority of casual walkers turn round and walk back down the hill.

We pressed on to Cort-Ma Law. The ground was firm all the way to the summit. As we admired the scenery, a cyclist could be seen in the distance pushing a bike  up the hill. No doubt he was going to cycle back down it as he never passed us on his bike!

At the top of the hill, a decision was made to continue to Lecket Hill, as the weather was still quite good and there was plenty of time before darkness fell.

Summit of Cort-Ma Law
Summit of Cort-Ma Law

Lecket Hill

As we walked to Lecket Hill, the ground became quite boggy and despite my best efforts, I managed to sink quite far into it in places.

However, my boots held up and my feet remained dry. As we continued along, the mist set in and visibility became quite poor. We continued on and the mist cleared, so we were able to continue the walk in reasonably clear conditions again.

As we descended from Lecket Hill we were able to view the ridge we had walked along to Cort-Ma Law. Some walkers could be seen in the distance. The road soon came into view  and the walk was almost complete. One last obstacle was crossing Alnwick Burn, but as the water level was low, it was quite easy to get across it without wet feet.

Crow Road

The final stretch of the walk was down the Crow Road to the car park and then to Clachan of Campsie. The distance walked was 6.5 miles, which took about 3 hours.

I enjoyed my walk today.

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