Fuel for Stoves

I have been looking for alternative sources of fuel for my camping stove to reduce the weight of my cooking kit.

One of the things I have tried are the Zip Natural Firelighters which are made from wood and wax. These are odor-free and cost around £2.55 in supermarkets.

Zip Natural Firelighters
Zip Natural Firelighters

The packet contains 20 cubes which I cut into 2 pieces and the packet says burns for 14 minutes. I tried this to heat an army pattern 44 mug and it took 9 minutes to boil soup, which is comparable with Greenheat.

The pan was a bit sooty after cooking but most of the soot was removed by washing. I was quite pleased with the performance of the cubes and will use them again.

Cubes are lighter than methylated  spirits  and will not spill out into the contents of rucksacks. They also do not have any odor and so will not taint any foodstuffs carried in rucksacks.

I will take these on my next walking trip as an alternative to using methylated spirits or Greenheat gel.

4 thoughts on “Fuel for Stoves

  1. David Seòras May 17, 2011 / 10:35 am

    Looks like a good find. Will keep a lookout for that.

    (Ps just came across your blog whilst looking through WordPress blogs tagged with hillwalking)


    • janeslog May 18, 2011 / 6:08 pm

      The Zip Natural firelighters work very well and are easy to carry. I cut them in half and it takes around 8 minutes to boil water.

      I tried them when out walking and heated up soup and cooked super noodles, which was better than the people who only had boring old sandwiches.

      The pot gets a bit sooty so take some unscented baby wipes to pipe the pot after cooking. When you get home give the outside a rub with a pot scourer and it comes up like new.

      I use a British Army Crusader cooker and a Dutch Army pattern 44 mug which I got in Adventure 1 in Glasgow. You can get the complete Crusader kits from them as well but I already had the Dutch Army mug so only bought the cooker. I use a Dutch Army water bottle which sits in the cup.

      I use the Trangia spirit stove in the winter as it works in very cold weather.

      The Crusader set-up is light to carry. I use a Crusader water bottle holder to keep the cooking unit together.

  2. David Seòras May 20, 2011 / 9:56 pm

    great info… Im a recent convert to meths and have a combined titanium meths stand/wood stove with a homemade meths burner (red bull can). Very small and compactable but on long trips meths can be pretty heavy.
    Relying on the wood burning method isn’t always feasible in the north west of Scotland where trees and dead wood are in short supply so these firelighters look very handy..

    • janeslog May 30, 2011 / 1:13 pm

      Works great. I also made a windshield with kitchen foil to keep the wind off the flames. Boiled water in 9 minutes which is okay.

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