Glasgow’s Riverside Museum

Glasgow’s Riverside Museum opened today so made the journey into Glasgow to visit it. I had often passed this splendid building during its various stages of construction and was excited at it opening its doors to the public.

1900's Street
1900's Street

The Museum replaces the old Transport Museum at Kelvingrove which closed on 18th April, 2010. It is managed by Glasgow City Council and entry to the museum is free of charge.


The building is a glass structure which gives it a modern appearance. It is located on the banks of the River Clyde near the Science Centre.

Glasgow Tram
Glasgow Tram

Most of the exhibits are transport related but there were some things on display which were non transport related, including items of clothing from different time periods.

1900’s  Street

A 1900’s street has been recreated with some shops including a photographers, ladies dress shop, a public house and an Italian cafe. There are also interactive terminals where visitors can learn about the various exhibits on display.

Many of the cars and motor bikes are situated on the walls of the building, utilizing as much space as possible in the museum.

Graeme Obree's Bicycle
Graeme Obree's Bicycle

Bicycles on Display

Previous World Hour record holders, Graeme Obree and Chris Boardman have their bikes on display as was the rally car of the late Colin McRae.

Tram cars are also on display and it was possible to sit inside them to experience what it was like to travel on them in years gone by.

Subway and Trains

An old subway train station had been recreated, complete with a carriage from one of the trains.

Outside of Museum
Outside of Museum

Some of the items on display had previously been in the old Transport Museum, but there were also many new items as well.

Tall Ship – The Glenlee

The Tall Ship, the Glenlee, is berthed outside and can be boarded so that ‘passengers’ can get an insight into what life is like in a sailing ship.

I enjoyed my visit today. The Museum is a great day out and well worth a visit.

Further details:
Driving: Riverside Museum is off the Clydeside Expressway – M8, junction 19.
Rail: Partick Rail Station or KelvinHall Subway Station. It is a 10 minute walk from either station.
Bicycle: Follow National Cycle Route  7 along the Clydeside.

4 thoughts on “Glasgow’s Riverside Museum

  1. David Seòras June 25, 2011 / 9:47 am

    fascinating. I dont suppose you happen to know the exact Colin McRae rally car which is there. Im a bit of a rally head myself, having photographed the World Rally Championship several times, but never managed to get a good shot of Colin.

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