Badger Watching at New Lanark

Spent last night at the Scottish Wildlife Trust’s reserve in New Lanark watching for badgers. Badgers only appear at night, so had to go after 8.00pm. Fortunately, the rain stayed off and it was quite mild.

There are a few areas in New Lanark where there are badger sets and we went to the peregrine area first. We had to stay very still and silent as the badgers would not appear if there was any noise.


Badgers Make an Appearance

At about 08.15pm one badger made an appearance and we were able to get a good view of it as it made its way to the fields at the back of the area. Shortly after, another badger appeared and after searching the badger set area, it also made its way to the fields to look for food.

After a longer wait, the third badger could be seen emerging from the set and wandered round the entrance before disappearing down it again.

After a longer wait and no more badgers appearing, we took a path to another area with sets to see if there were any to be seen in the surrounding fields. Walking slowly to minimize any noise, we were rewarded with another badger searching for worms in a field. However, it must have picked up our scent and scurried away into some woods.

Description of Badgers

Badgers are quite big animals with a smallish head and larger body.They have poor eyesight, as they spend most of their time underground, but they have an excellent sense of smell to make up for the poor eyesight.

It’s good to watch them in their natural environment and is recommended for everyone interested in wildlife.

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