Glen Rosa Circuit – Arran

Glen Rosa is a low level walk which is not too strenuous and gives some excellent views of the hills around Brodick. It can be done in around 2.5 hours as it is only 5.5 miles.

The cloudy skies in the morning were a bit of a concern but it was soon with sunny and warm weather.

Start at the Brewery

The walk started and finished at the Brewery in Brodick. This is quite a busy area as Arran Aromatics, Arran Creamery, ‘Arran Active’ outdoor shop and a small gift shop are located there. A small bar, The Wineport, is also located there for refreshments after the walk.

The path from the start is uphill and soon joins the one from Brodick Castle to Goatfell, the highest mountain on Arran. This path is always busy as Goatfell is a very popular, if steep climb.

Glen Rosa Campsite
Glen Rosa Campsite

Navigation Aids

I was using my Garmin ETrex GPS with the route plotted on it and found it useful, but I still had my map and compass with me as well.

The path at the start is through some dense forest, but soon views of Brodick Bay and Glen Rosa campsite come into view. We are at the highest point of the walk here.

The path then descends to lower ground and becomes quite narrow. It is dry today so the path is not too boggy and the views of the surrounding hills come into view.

Beinn Nuis
Beinn Nuis

Beinn Nuis

Another walk through dense forest takes the walker out to a spectacular valley with views of the surrounding hills.

Beinn Nuis can be seen in the distance and Coire Fhraoich on the left. Creag Rosa is on the right.

Boggy Ground

The path becomes boggy in places and frequent small streams from the hills have to be crossed but good walking boots enable these to be negotiated without getting wet feet.

Beinn Tarsuinn
Beinn Tarsuinn

As the walk progresses Beinn Tarsuinn comes into view and the contours of the hill can be clearly seen.

This is perhaps a walk for a longer stay in Arran and is something for planning in the future.


As we walk along, one of the party points out a small snake on the path. It’s not an adder, a poisonous snake found in Scotland, so no danger to anyone. It is also not moving and is probably dead, but we leave it alone.


We are Not Alone!

Voices can be heard in the distance and we cannot locate where they are at first. We look to the other side of the valley and see a party of walkers stopping for a picnic.

The path disappears after a while but we continue on the same direction  when the path becomes clear again. We are now walking to the other side of the valley and beginning the return journey to the start.

Return Journey

The path is flat and gives a view of the route we have jost taken on the other side of the valley. The return walk through the valley is very pleasant. The path then continues through a dense area of forest before exiting at Glen Rosa campsite.

Highland Cow
Highland Cow

Continuing on a small tarred road we reach the main road, before turning onto a path at Glen Rosa Bridge. we then join one of the many paths around the Castle to arrive back at the start.

The walk has taken 2.5 hours and it has been very pleasant. In wet weather it would be much harder because of the boggy ground so progress would be a bit slower.


The outdoor shop in Brodick, Outdoor Active,  is very good and can be a life-saver in times when equipment fails or has been left behind in the hills.

Post Walk Refreshments

There is a pleasant walk back to Brodick through the golf course and along the shore to for a pleasant meal at the bar bistro ‘Eilean Mor’ before returning on the ferry to Ardrossan.

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