Birdwatching in East Lothian

Spent yesterday birdwatching in East Lothian. This was very enjoyable and enabled me to see some wading birds. The weather was cloudy but quite mild.

I will regularly be visiting the area as my friend has recently moved from London to Prestonpans and was familiarising myself with the terrain there.

Eider Ducks at Leith
Eider Ducks at Leith

First stop was at the Ocean Terminal in Leith where I spotted a group of male and female eider ducks swimming near the old harbour. They then swam up the channel towards Musselburgh.

Next stop was Seton Sands, which was an excellent spot as the tide was out and gave me the chance to see a number of different birds. A number of oyster catchers were on the shore and two curlew were see neat the water’s edge. Some bar-tailed godwits were also there pecking at the sand.

The beach was quite empty of people apart from a woman walking with a child and a spaniel. The fact that it was a cloudy day in November probably had something to do with this!

Seton Sands
Seton Sands

Some cormorants were seen perched on a rock in the distance and one was also seen swimming in the water. Walking along the shore, seven widgeon were seen, both male and female.

Male widgeon are very attractive birds with a round head and small bill. The head and neck of the male are chestnut, with a yellow forehead, pink breast and grey body.

Male Widgeon
Male Widgeon

Also seen were some redshank, sanderling and some little gulls.

It was a good day and allowed me to see different birds than I do at Baron’s Haugh.

It was a good day and allowed me to see different birds than the ones I see at Baron’s Haugh in Motherwell, which is my local area. Will be visiting the East Coast again as it was  worth the rail fare from Motherwell.

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