My New Kobo Touch eReader

Kobo Touch
Kobo Touch

With some of my Christmas bonus I bought myself a Kobo Touch eReader. I was thinking of buying an eReader for a while but decided to wait until I got my bonus to buy it.

The Amazon Kindle at 89.00 GBP  is a popular eReader and I was intending to buy this until I saw the Kobo readers in WHSmith. After reading about both of these models I decided to buy the Kobo as I will not be tied to Amazon for downloading books.

My Kobo has been loaded with some books. Some of them were free and others were bought at a reasonable price. Is is a compact size but when placed in its cover it is a bit larger. The cover I bought for it has a light as the Kobo is not backlit and I will be able to read in situations where there is not enough light. It uses two AA batteries which are easy to obtain.

To navigate through the pages, I touch the screen – no fiddling with buttons. The pages turn quickly and the e-ink Pearl display offers month-long battery life.

My Kobo is one of the best things I have bought this year.

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