Let There be Light

One of the things I always carry with me is a torch or flashlight. Whether it is out walking or going about town, I have a torch with me.

Usefulness of Torches

Some people think this is overkill, but I have been caught twice on a train when all the power went off and the passengers had to sit in a dark, freezing train for a few hours. My torch enabled me to see and provide some light in the pitch black.

Also, on walks in December and January it is always advisable to take a torch in the event that the walk takes a bit longer than planned and you are not left to complete it in darkness.

LED Lights 

Today, the brightness of torches is much better than it was a few years ago. Filament bulbs, which had a tendency to break, gave way to halogen bulbs which were a bit more efficient. Today LED lights have taken over and most lights are LED. Original LED lights had a blue or yellow tinge but now they are white. Who can remember the original ‘Catseye’ LED bicycle headlights with their blue light?

Head Torches

Eveready Head Torch
Eveready Head Torch

I have a number of torches which I use at different times. I have a some head torches which I can use when I need the use of both hands when walking or fixing the bike in the dark.

My primary head torch is quite powerful. It is made by Eveready and is useful in the middle of winter when it is very dark. It uses two AAA batteries which last for about 50 hours. It has two levels of white light and a red one and can be set on constant or flashing. Light output is 35 lumens.

Silva Siju
Silva Siju

My secondary one is a Silva Siju which weighs only 35 g, including the two CR2032 batteries. Despite the small size, it’s highly durable and water resistant to IPX6 standards. Light output is 18 lumens and bright enough for times when there is not complete darkness.

Both head torches are much better than the old Petzl ones which which used a  flat battery with two terminals. The batteries were hard to come by and quite expensive.

Hand Held Torch

AP Pro
AP Pro

I also have a hand-held Cree torch made by Active Products.  This is very bright at 120 lumens and is small enough to slip into a pocket or rucksack.

It is made from high grade aluminium and is water resistant to IPX4 standard. It uses two AA batteries and lasts up to 14 hours. It is similar to the LED Lenser torches.

Cree is an LED manufacturing company based in Durham, North Carolina. They produce high output LED’s that are widely used in Torches.

So far this year (and it is only January!) the torches have come in handy for walking along the road to my house during the power cut on January 3rd and also for illuminating the house until the power was restored at 20.45.

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