Birds at Cardross

Went on an outing to Cardross, a village halfway between Dumbarton and Helensburgh. We went by train from Glasgow Queen Street which took 40 minutes.


The weather was a bit cloudy but it was still quite bright and fairly mild for February. The best time to watch seabirds is about one hour before high tide. I use a website called Tide Times which gives a map of the UK and Ireland with the times of the tides for the following week and helps plan a good trip.

When we arrived Cardross it was about an hour before high tide so we walked towards the water’s edge to get a view of the birds. There were a number of Oystercatchers on the sand and in the water. Widgeon, Shelduck, Goosanders, Redshank and numerous Gulls were also there.

We walked along the beach towards Ardmore Point. A flock of Canada Geese flew overhead and we were fortunate to see them later on in the water. About 100 Oystercatchers also flew overhead in the same direction.

As the tide came in, we were pushed further towards the rocks on the shoreline but it was still easy to walk on as they were not very slippery.

We stopped for lunch and I used my small cooker to make something hot. My cooking set-up is nice and light to carry.


After lunch we saw the flock of over 100 Oystercatchers which had flown overhead earlier, roosting on the sand. Most of us had never seen so many of them at the one time. As we came closer to them they flew off back in the direction in which they had come earlier.

The tide was now in and there were not many birds left to look at except some Seagulls and Crows. The walk along the shore was very nice so we continued round Ardmore Point and walked back to the railway station at Cardross.

On both the outward and return journey we did pass quite a number of people out walking so it must be a popular walk for many people.

Today’s visit brought home to me how fortunate I am to live near Baron’s Haugh nature reserve with the wide variety of birds.

Further Details:
 Grid ref: NS 34468 77402
Travel Details:
Rail: Scotrail Edinburgh Waverely to Helensburgh
Road: A814 between Dumbarton and Helensburgh

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