New Kick Scooter

Today I collected my new Razor A5 Lux scooter from a well-known retailer. I will use it for short journeys instead of the bike. It is an adult scooter which has big wheels and was recommended to me by a neighbour.

As I walked home with the boxed scooter I  saw a number of people looking at the picture of the scooter on the packaging.

When I got home I set it up and checked all the allen nuts were tight. Then I was all set for a test ride.

Strathclyde Park

I wore my cycling helmet and track mitts for safety and then proceeded to scoot down to Strathclyde Park to burn some rubber around the Loch.

I have to confess that I thought people would laugh at me on my scooter but nobody seemed to bother. I was able to travel quite fast on it, but going downhill was scary, as there is only a rear brake which I didn’t seem to get the knack of using correctly. It did slow me down, but I had to jump off the scooter a few times when I thought it was going too fast.

Scooter on North Side of Strathclyde Loch
Scooter on North Side of Strathclyde Loch

The big wheels coped with the smooth surface of the path round the Loch and as it was not too busy,  I didn’t get slowed down by other people.  A few rowers were on the Loch along with the swans, ducks and geese. It was a nice sunny day and I got warmed up scooting along.

I nearly came a cropper at one point when I hit some sand on the path causing the front wheelto lock. I had to jump off the scooter, but both of us survived intact.

Roman Bathhouse

I next stopped at the remains of the Roman bathhouse for a drink before continuing on my way. The path on the north side of the Loch was smooth, if a little hilly.

Scooter at Roman Bathhouse
Scooter at Roman Bathhouse

However, the one on the south side was less smooth so it was a case of trying to avoid the potholes. Travelled over a footbridge past the Duke of Hamilton’s Mausoleum before arriving at the town centre and back home. The journey today was 6 miles and it was a lot of fun.

Scooter on South Side of Strathclyde Loch
Scooter on South Side of Strathclyde Loch

Impressions of the Scooter

The scooter was a good form of exercise and harder than using a bike as more effort was required to push it along. However I enjoyed it and will be taking it to various places with me as an alternative to walking. It will also come in handy when visiting my discount German supermarket, which is a 5 mile round trip and will save a bit of time.

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