Some Spring Images

Some images I took on a walk today. Spring is well established now and Summer will soon be here.


Bluebells (Latin name: Scilla nonscripta) bloom between April and June.

It is thought that they were named by the romantic poets of the 19th century, who felt they symbolised solitude and regret.


Bluebells grow closely together and look like a carpet.

Bluebell 'Carpet'
Bluebell ‘Carpet’

Japanese Flowering Cherry

Many trees have blossom on them which will disappear all too soon. The image below is of a Japanese Flowering Cherry tree which flowers in April and May. It is a very popular tree in Scotland.

Japanese Flowering Cherry Tree
Japanese Flowering Cherry Tree

Small Fir Tree

A small fir tree was seen (possibly a Balsum Fir) with the cones beginning to form.

Small Fir Tree
Small Fir Tree

It was good to get a close-up look at the immature cones. However, my own favourite was the Bluebells.

Dead Tree
Dead Tree

This tree may have been dead but was providing a home to some moss!



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