Scottish Cycling Cyclocross Championships

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The Scottish Cycling Cyclocross Championships were held today in Strathclyde Park. The course was behind M&D amusement park and was a mixture of hills and flat ground. 

Mud, Mud and More Mud!

As it had been wet in the few days before the race, the ground was very muddy and it led to an eventful race for both the riders and spectators. Both riders and their machines got covered in mud during the race and teams of helpers could be seen hosing down bikes between laps and at the end of the race.

I walked over to watch the race and catch up with my cycling friends. Below are some photographs from the event. These were taken with my camera phone and not with my SLR camera.

Warming up      
Cleaning the Bikes
Dirty Bike
Cleaning the Bikes
Competitor after the Race
Looking Down on the Riders
Difficult Section

It was a great day out and I ended up filthy from the knee down as my boots and my trousers ended up covered in mud. 

Birds on Strathclyde Loch

Walking back home along Strathclyde Loch I met two of my bird-watching friends who were out with their scopes looking at the birds on the water. The water level had been reduced and there were more birds than normal. An Iceland Gull was seen sitting on a buoy. 

As it was getting late, I could only spend a short time with my birding friends before continuing on my way home before it got dark.

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2 thoughts on “Scottish Cycling Cyclocross Championships

  1. Madhu February 14, 2013 / 4:50 pm

    It must have been hard riding uphill in that slush! Cool shots Jane.

    • janeslog February 14, 2013 / 7:59 pm

      Yes it must have been. The mud was terrible. I could hardly keep on my feet.

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