Statue in Langside Road, Glasgow

My fitness regime during my working day consists of going to the gym after work and walking during lunchtime. 

I have the choice of some lovely walks in the area around my office including Queen’s Park and Linn Park. On a walk around Queen’s Park last week I noticed this beautiful statue on top of a building on Langside Avenue.

 The statue looks like a Grecian one, with some further Grecian detail around the walls of the building. Glasgow City has some wonderful buildings.

2 thoughts on “Statue in Langside Road, Glasgow

    • janeslog March 6, 2014 / 7:41 pm

      Glasgow is very nice and there are some lovely buildings and museums in the city.

      Glasgow became rich by trading with the Americas and many streets reflect the trading heritage – Tobago Street, Jamaica Street, Virginia Street etc.

      The West End of the city is very wealthy and very nice.

      Edinburgh is also a lovely city.

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