Queen’s Baton Relay at South Lanarkshire

The Queen’s Baton Relay for the XX Commonwealth Games arrived in South Lanarkshire on Sunday 22nd June. It was launched on 9th October, 2013 at Buckingham Palace when Her Majesty The Queen placed Her message to the Commonwealth into the baton.

Baton has visited 70 countries

The baton has already passed through the other Commonwealth countries and been seen by thousands of people. The finish line is in Glasgow where Her Majesty The Queen will read aloud Her message at the opening ceremony of the 2014 Commonwealth Games on July 23rd. 

In total, the baton will have covered 190,000 kilometres in 288 days and will have visited 70 nations and territories.

Baton at South Lanarkshire

Below are some photographs of the baton in the Palace Grounds in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, on June 22nd.

The Batonbearers are members of the public who have been nominated for the role.

Baton carried by a Batonbearer
Baton carried by a Batonbearer
Another Batonbearer

There were more than one Batonbearer during the relay.

Event at Hamilton Mausoleum

The Mausoleum is a local landmark and was the burial ground of the Dukes of Hamilton.

African band from Ghana

A band from Ghana were provided some entertainment.

Further Information:

XX Commonwealth Games, Glasgow

2 thoughts on “Queen’s Baton Relay at South Lanarkshire

  1. tootlepedal June 22, 2014 / 10:22 pm

    We had the baton in the town a few days ago. They are very well organised.

    • janeslog June 22, 2014 / 10:25 pm

      Yes they are and it did go through many towns today in South Lanarkshire so a lot of people would have seen it.

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