Commonwealth Rowing Championships 2014

The forecast was for cloud in the morning and some showers in the afternoon so I decided to go cycling in the morning and spend the afternoon doing something which would not get me too wet in the showers.

Cycle Paths

I am fortunate that I can ride a good circuit which is mainly on cycle paths – this makes it more enjoyable but care has to be taken to keep an eye out for pedestrians who share the paths with the cyclists.

The paths were quiet today so I was able to tear along the path at 22 mph. I was heading for Strathclyde Park, which was the venue for the recent Commonwealth Games triathlon.

Commonwealth Rowing Championships

When I arrived in the Park I noticed how busy it was and realised a major rowing event was being held. A woman in an England rowing top advised me that it was the Commonwealth Rowing Championships. The course at Strathclyde Park is one of only 2 World Championship courses in the UK.

The Commonwealth Rowing Championships Regatta has been organised in the year of the Commonwealth Games since 1986. This year there were teams from Scotland, England, Wales, N. Ireland, Canada and Australia.

I cycled around Strathclyde Loch on the lochside path to get a good view of the racing. By this time the sun had come out and it was turning into a lovely day. 

Rowers going to the start of their event

I cycled to the start of the course to catch the action there. A ladies race was about to begin and I stood to watch it.

A Scottish rower
Rowers about to start their event

I then cycled back to the main area of the Park and caught up with some friends who had come over to watch the action. Sensibly, they had brought a pair of binoculars with them.

Welsh team made themselves comfortable

 The Welsh team had made themselves at home and looked like they were enjoying the day.

Medal ceremony

Medal ceremonies were taking place frequently and we caught one of these. 

Australian rower being interviewed

An Australian rower was being interviewed for the TV and we guessed he was one of their top rowers.

On the Loch
A rower carries the oars back after the finish

All the teams had painted the blades of the oars which was a nice touch and is helpful in identifying them when in the water. The above rower is from Northern Ireland.

Scottish oars

It was good to watch the rowing and enjoy the sunshine at the same time. It’s a pity rowing is not a Commonwealth Games sport.