Fuel for Stoves

I have been looking for alternative sources of fuel for my camping stove to reduce the weight of my cooking kit.

One of the things I have tried are the Zip Natural Firelighters which are made from wood and wax. These are odor-free and cost around £2.55 in supermarkets.

Zip Natural Firelighters
Zip Natural Firelighters

The packet contains 20 cubes which I cut into 2 pieces and the packet says burns for 14 minutes. I tried this to heat an army pattern 44 mug and it took 9 minutes to boil soup, which is comparable with Greenheat.

The pan was a bit sooty after cooking but most of the soot was removed by washing. I was quite pleased with the performance of the cubes and will use them again.

Cubes are lighter than methylated  spirits  and will not spill out into the contents of rucksacks. They also do not have any odor and so will not taint any foodstuffs carried in rucksacks.

I will take these on my next walking trip as an alternative to using methylated spirits or Greenheat gel.