Derwent Water (English Lake District)

With the good weather continuing and the availability of cheap fares we decided to visit the Lake District. This is in the North West of England and is one of the most beautiful areas in England.

We took the National Express bus to Penrith and would be getting the train back home, as this allowed a longer time to be spent in the Lake District.

Arriving at Penrith

Arriving in Penrith, we had 25 minutes to spare before getting the X50 bus to Keswick so we went to explore the Castle, which was directly opposite the station.

Derwent Water
Derwent Water

The X50 came at the exact time and dropped us at at Keswick at 12.02. Here we waited for our friend Dave to arrive from Morecambe, before starting our walk around Derwent Water. Dave was a great help, as he is familiar with the English Lakes.

Walking round Derwent Water

At the start of the walk, the lake was nowhere to be seen as the path took us away from the water for about 2 miles. It was, however, flat and easy going. When we did see the water it was quite a spectacular sight and reminiscent of Loch Lomond, with its small islands.

The weather was excellent with a temperature of 19c and bright sunshine. Despite it only being late March, there were quite a few walkers on the path.

There are numerous landing spots around the lake for people to explore the area by boat and many people were opting to travel this way.

Derwent Bank

Dave took us to an excellent spot at Derwent Bank as a good area for observing the lake and Derwent Island. We could see in the distance the ferry dropping off sightseers onto the island. Dave said they would get picked up after about an hour.

Large Carved Hands

At this point we were away from the lake and walking in a forest which is part of the long-distance Cumbria Way. In this forest we did see a large pair of hands carved into wood. This was in celebration of  100 years of the National Trust. The detail on the hands was excellent, as can be seen below,  and it must have take a while to create this.

Giant Hands at Derwent Bay
Giant Hands at Derwent Bay

We past Hawse End  outdoor centre before again arriving at the water’s edge at  Otterbield Bay.

Otterbield Bay
Otterbield Bay

Bleaberry and Ashness Fells

The scenery at this point was excellent and we got great views of the Bleaberry and Ashness Fells on the opposite side of the lake. At this point we were walking along the water’s edge taking in the beautiful surroundings. Some people were getting dropped off a ferry to either start on a walk or have a picnic in the area.

Landing Area
Landing Area

We got some lovely views of Victoria, Abbot’s and Great Bay and the fells on the other side of the lake as we walked along. There were a number of boats on the water, as well as the cruise boats.

Great Bay
Great Bay

Great Bay

At Great Bay, the path once again took us inland and we were walking on boards much of the time due to the marshy ground until we arrived at Grange. Here we crossed a small footbridge to arrive at the other side of the lake.

The walk continued on the road for a short time, passing Derwent House  until we arrived at High Lodore. Here we made a short detour to visit the Lodore Falls and despite the warm weather, the water had not all evaporated.

Continuing on the road for about a mile, we passed the youth hostel before turning onto a path which took us back to the lake. The path was getting busier now due to Keswick being only a few miles away.

Derwent Isle and Lord's Island
Derwent Isle and Lord’s Island

Lord’s Island and Derwent Isle

From this side of the lake we managed to get closer views of Lord’s Island and Derwent Isle and took the opportunity to admire the views from the various viewpoints on the path.

Keswick was getting much closer and our walk was coming to an end. We decided to stop at the boathouse area in Keswick for lunch. The area had many seats and benches and we sat down to enjoy lunch.  The beach area had many Mallard ducks and Barnacle geese who were comfortable in the company of people.

Boathouse area at Keswick
Boathouse area at Keswick

Arriving back at Keswick

We then made out way back past the Theatre to Keswick. We had walked 9.26 miles at an average speed of 3.5 mph.

We spent some time walking round Keswick before getting the X50 back to Penrith. As there was a 40 minute wait for the train back home we went for a cup of tea. It had been a good day in warm sunshine and a visit to remember.

We had travelled 240 miles to Keswick and back by bus and train.

Further information

Keswick is situated on the A66 from Penrith