In Praise of Cycling Musettes

Small Musette
Small Musette

At present I am confined to the house after an ankle operation. To get around I have to use crutches. Anyone who has used crutches will know how difficult it is to carry even the most basic of items. My solution to this is to use my two cycling musettes to carry things for me.

A musette is used by cyclists to carry food and water bottles and is usually made from cotton. In professional races such as the Tour de France there will be a feed zone about halfway through the stage.

The video below shows the feed zone action in the Tour de France from a Garmin Transitions team perspective.

One of my musettes is large enough for magazines and the smaller one is used for carrying food and drinks. Carrying a cup of tea is not possible when using crutches, so I fill a flask with tea and carry it in my musette to my chair. Sandwiches are also hard to carry so I place them in a plastic sandwich container with a lid and also carry them in the musette to my chair.

My musettes are useful to enable me to carry everything in one journey without having to go back and forth. There are expensive musettes on the market, but the cotton ones are good enough for me. When at work, I use them to carry my sandwiches every day for lunch. Then I fold it up and carry the empty musette home with me.