Virtual cycle Ride Around the Riverside Museum, Glasgow

After meeting up with friends from the West End for a cycle run, I cycled over to the Riverside Museum on the banks of the River Clyde. this was opened on 20th June, 2011.  It houses exhibits from the old Transport Museum, which was located in opposite Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

On the day I was there the Beatson cancer charity had a fund-raising event so the area was very busy.

Using my GoPro camera I was able to cycle round the museum and take some video footage. Also shown is the Tall ship which is moored outside the museum.

The YouTube video of the museum.

For an article on the museum, please see here.

For an article on the Tall Ship, please see here.

Virtual Cycle Ride Round Glasgow Science Centre

This year I got a GoPro camera which I can use on my bicycle to take video footage of various cycle trips.

One of the first trips I used the camera was around the Science Centre in Glasgow. This is located on the banks of the River Clyde at Pacific Quay. It was opened on 5th June 2001 by Queen Elizabeth and is the best science centre in Europe. 

It has three principal buildings including the Science Mall,Glasgow Tower and an IMAX cinema.

Here is the YouTube video of the trip.

Science Centre
Bells Bridge and the SECC
‘Squinty’ Bridge

The Science Centre is a place to visit when in Glasgow and is easy to get to on public transportor by bicycle along the cycle path from the city centre.

Golf Course Visitors!

After damaging the tendons on my right knee a few months ago I was unable to walk properly without a lot of pain. This curtailed my activities and I was not able to do all the things I had planned.

Now that my knee is much better I can walk without too much pain, although cycling is still a bit of a problem.

One of the first activities I started again was to get in a few rounds of golf. During this time last year one of the fairways often had geese from the local pond pecking away at the grass looking for food. This year was no different.

I managed to capture a picture of the birds.

Birds on 4th Fairway Strathclyde Park Golf Course

The birds seem fairly comfortable with the golfers walking around them and oblivious to the golf balls which come flying towards them from the tee. Unfortunately, they  do leave little calling cards on the fairway which does create a mess.

Immaculate Fairways

The course is always in immaculate condition and the green-keepers are always about cutting the grass on the fairways , watering the greens and making the golf course a pleasant place for golfing. On one occasion one of the green-keepers was out on the green cutting the grass with a pair of scissors! 

Close-up of the fairway
The photograph above shows how short the fairway grass has been cut and how the grass has not been allowed to dry out. 

All we need now is for the rough grass at the sides of the fairway to be cut so that it makes it easier to locate lost golf balls!

Further Information:

Strathclyde Park Golf Club